What is Invizor?

Alpha Version: http://install.invizor.com/aegonsetup.msi

[This is alpha version. This means it cannot be used for actual work. Data / Software can be removed or updated anytime]

Invizor is a cloud-based ERP platform that strives to streamline Business Processes of managing Accounts, Inventory & Payroll under one roof. This platform is designed to work seamlessly on PC, Mac, Android & iOS devices.

Invizor LLP is the parent holding company of this technology which is due to be incorporated in April 2017

This general release of this platform is under development and is scheduled to be launched on 1st January 2018. The first beta will be released in September 2017.

The B2B version of Invizor platform is already in Post-Production and is on its way to help a media outlet and a trading firm handle their accounts, inventory and payroll


B2B implementations in progress

Navabharat Press (Raipur)

A Print / Digital Media Outlet with above 1,00,000 circulation in multiple states of East India

Click here to visit Navabharat's Website

Age Old Spirts, Nagpur (India)

Liquor Distribution and Management